Our Annual Escrow Analysis was completed on February 1, 2021. The results of this analysis were mailed out on February 8, 2021 and could affect your mortgage payment amount. Please look over the document you received in the mail for additional information.

Where to locate your new monthly mortgage payment?

In the letter you received, please review the “Annual Escrow Account Disclosure Statement Projections for Coming Year” section. This section will provide a breakdown of your monthly payments. At the very bottom of this section, you will find “Your Monthly Mortgage Payment for The Coming Year Will Be:” followed by the monthly amount due. This will also specify the amount applied to principal and interests, as well as the amount applied towards the escrow account.

 What do I need to do?

If you have your mortgage payment processed as an ACH transaction, you will need to contact our mortgage department to adjust your electronic payment to the correct amount. Our mortgage department can be reached at 361.792.7531 or by email at gcfcu-mortgage@ccgcfcu.com.

If you do not process your payment as an ACH, you do not need to reach out to us. Simply complete your mortgage payment on or before your due date with the updated amount through your usual method.

Why does my escrow payment change annually?

Rather than paying taxes directly to the government and insurance premiums to the insurer, you pay one-twelfth of these expenses each month, in addition to his mortgage principal and interest payment, into the account. The escrow account holds this money until the bills become due at the end of the year. Monthly escrow payments for the following year are adjusted up or down based on whether there was a shortage or surplus in the account for the current year’s payment.

If you have not received your escrow letter, need to make a change to your ACH payment, or have any questions about your mortgage payment- please contact us at 361.792.7531 or by email at gcfcu-mortgage@ccgcfcu.com.


Thank you,


Roger A. Fornelius
Vice President of Lending
NMLS ID# 2045684